Action Views

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Distribution Opportunities

This powerful view allows you to quickly identify which of your products deserve deeper distribution or will come under threat from distribution losses in the future. Focus on these products to drive further sales growth and on competitor SKUs performing poorly that deserve less distribution.

Promotional Effectiveness

Understand how effective your promotional activity is in driving your sales performance. What is the optimum mix of in-store support to drive sales uplifts? Are price points important in driving uplifts? Do I need to secure secondary sitings when on promotion to drive sales or is on-shelf support sufficient? Which promotional mechanics are the most effective in driving sales performance?

Understand what is driving your promotional effectiveness; how important are secondary displays, features, type of promotional mechanic in determining your promotional effectiveness?

Correlation Analysis

Identify the relationship between sales and key causal drivers. For example, establish how sensitive your brand sales are to movements in price.

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